Facial and Microderm Aftercare AdviceThere’s a first time for all of us and coming to have professional treatments can be quite daunting if you’re not sure exactly what to do or what to expect. Take a look at our guide to studio behaviour to ensure you get the most from your experience and save you from any embarrassment. Hopefully this advice will have put your mind at ease regarding your visit to our studio. However if there’s something we haven’t covered, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Remember we're an all male, fully qualified crew at EVOLUTION:MAN.  We know that most men don't like walking into pink fluffy high street beauty parlours which is why EVOLTION:MAN was set up, to offer gents somewhere to go in an all-male, masculine, professional enviroment.

Personal Hygiene

If you aware of strong body odours we ask, you to take a shower prior to your visit. In particular if you are having intimate or foot treatments. If you are unable to clean your feet before a treatment and would like a foot soak, please ask and we will provide this at no extra charge.

Do I need to get my kit off?

The only time you need to remove all your clothes is if you've booked an intimate wax? The biggest concern for many guys is what to take off or leave on for a treatment. You can put this fear to rest as once you are taken into the treatment room you will be told what you need to take off, where to put it and how you should be positioned for your treatment. You will then be given privacy to change before we start your treatment. If you're having anything ‘Full Body’ the general rule is to take it all off – including jewellery, watches and glasses. We provide towels to put over yourself and we'll just uncover the areas we need to work on when we need to. Don’t worry, you won’t be left stark naked on the table. Depending on how intimate your treatment is we may need to work around sensitive areas. Remember, we’ve seen this many times before and are professional, so you are in very safe hands and don’t need to worry about any blushing. For all other waxing and grooming treatments we'll tell you what you need to take off and where to put it. Example: A back wax just requires you take off your T-shirt or shirt.

We're professional and friendly

When you come to us for a treatment we like to discuss aftercare as it's essential to get the maximum benefit after your treamtment. You’ll be given as much or as little information as you like, so don’t be afraid to ask any questions you have. We understand that many people come for treatments ie. a Facial to chill-out and get over a long day, so if you just want some quiet time, don’t feel obliged to chat. This is your time to spend however you want, so if you don’t fancy a chat about the weather or holidays, then just let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. If you've booked an intimate wax treatment sometimes it's natural for things to ‘arise’ when somebody else is touching you in sensitive areas. If this happens we will simply work around it and ignore it. You have no need to feel embarrassed. However, we will not “finish it off” for you, so don’t ask. Our treatments are professional, remember we have the right to ask clients to leave immediately. Don't be embarressed, we've all been here before and nothing you ask or tell us goes any further so however silly you think your questions may be please feel free to talk to us about your grooming requirements, we'll be pleased to pass on our professional advice.

Thinking of having a facial?

When coming for a facial, it’s advisable to shave if you have a full beard as the goodness from products will struggle to soak through into your skin. A little stubble is fine, but if you look like Gandalf then you should probably shave it down a bit. During the treatment, you may receive a chest, neck and shoulder, hand or arm massage so don’t be surprised if we ask you to remove your top if you're comfortable is doing so. We tailor all our treatments to you so we'll discuss your face, skin and grooming needs at your appointment.

Waxing - does it hurt?

“Does it hurt” is the most common question we get asked here. When you’re having a waxing treatment is isn’t the most comfortable treatment you could have, but almost every customer who has had their first waxing treatment with us agrees that it doesn’t hurt as much as they expected. Forget what you’ve seen on the TV as that’s not real. You’ll feel a little discomfort as the wax is pulled, but seconds later it’s gone. The pain doesn’t linger and we’ll everything we can to help soothe it immediately. We have waxed entire bodies and not once had a customer scream. You are in very safe hands.

Pre and Post Waxing Aftercare

Once you’ve had your waxing treatment it is important that you take care of it. There’s not much that you need to do, it’s more a case of ‘what not to do’. The first 48hrs after your treatment is the most crucial in taking care of your skin and we recommend you follow this advice to maintain healthy, smooth skin. Aviod wearing tight clothing, give your skin time and freedom to let it air Once we’ve finished your waxing we’ll massage some after wax cream into your skin to help soothe it. Where possible please keep this cream on until your next routine shower. When showering, we recommend you only use warm/cool/teped water to keep irritation to a minimum. Aviod hot baths and hot showers however tempting. Apart from professional after wax sprays or cream we recommend you don’t put any other products onto your freshly waxed skin for 48hrs after your treatment. Avoid sunbathing, sunbeds, swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, jacuzzi’s/hot tubs and any other areas where there is a high risk of bacteria and iritation to the skin for a minimum of 48 hours. If you're going on a sunny holiday within a week of your wax please take extra care and ensure you wear an SPF. For 48 hours please aviod going to the gym, carrying out physical excersize or activity that will involve sweating.  Your skin needs to remain clean and fresh to avoid pores blocking, spots or rashes forming. You takeaway guide can be dowloaded here Waxing aftercare advice

First time waxing and pre holiday waxing

If you're going on holiday we recommend you have your wax treatment a week before your departure date. This allows time for your skin to settle following your treament and puts you at low risk of spots, bumps and infections.
If you have sensitive skin or are new to waxing, it is quite common to develop a ‘waxing rash’ after your treatment. This is completely normal and usually will not require medical attention. Taking an antihistamine can help to clear the rash. Please ensure that you wear an SPF after your wax and keep your waxed areas out of direct sunlight. Waxing rashes can be brought on by sweating or excersize, sitting in a chair for long periods (no air circulation) and exposure to the sun. If you have any other questions/concerns we will be more than happy to assist, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Facials and Microdermbrasion Facials

Facials are a great way of removing dirt, dead skin cells and oil from the skin maximising your look.  We can help all skin types, from oily blemished skin to dry and itchy skin and everything in between.  To maximise your treatment aftercare is always essential so please download your aftercare advice sheet Facial and Microderm Aftercare Advice.Facial and Microderm Aftercare Advice