It’s OK To Ask….. How To Style a Pompadour

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The Pompadour is 2015’s must-have cut for the modern gentleman. Many of our customers struggle with achieving that salon finish at home when styling, so here’s our guide to keeping your pomp!


With very little maintenance you can keep your pompadour looking fresh and healthy yourself at home, by simply following these very easy steps:

  • Wash your hair using a shampoo (avoid anti-dandruff brands as these can actually increase dandruff once you stop using the product, leaving a much undesired “icing on the cake”.)
  • Lightly towel dry your hair, remembering to leave it slightly damp to aid us in our next step.
  • Time to take out your trusty brush and blow dryer. (A lot of my clients ask me whether it is best to use a comb or a brush, I personally use a brush to help build volume where necessary.)
  • Starting at the front of the head, place the brush down flat and start to comb back following closely behind with the blow dryer, ALWAYS going front to back.
  • To add volume, place the brush where required and carefully roll the brush the opposite way and lift away from the head. repeat this as needed before brushing and blow drying back with the rest of the hair.
  • Time to select a product to achieve our desired gloss and texture, products vary from brand to brand with various strengths and shine so experiment yourself or ask your stylists what best suits your hair type. We recommend Muk’s ‘Slick Muk’ Pomade.
  •  Taking a “pea” size amount of your pomade product, work it into the palm of your hand using your index finger until it is more malleable and easy to work with, then wet your other hand and rub them both together evenly distributing it over your hands.
  • Run your fingers back through your hair paying attention to particularly dry areas, pinching the hair between two fingers and applying product from root to tip.
  • Last but not least! Time to get that blow dryer and brush back out and by following the same routine as step 3 just touch up and finish the style, by now your locks will be well under control and should last for hours!