Bloke-Tox: The Bloke’s Guide To Botox™ Treatments

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Fed up of looking tired all the time or wondering what you can do to help reduce wrinkles? EVOLUTION:MAN have teamed up with Defining Aesthetics to dispel the myths about ‘Botox’ treatments for men and tell you what you are missing out on!

Contrary to popular opinion, there are many treatments that are available to men and are not just for the likes of Jordan and cast of TOWIE! In fact, non-surgical treatments are becoming more and more popular for men and we at Evolution Man promote a natural look so you can rest assured you won’t leave looking like a Jim Henson creation.

Generally, there are two types of treatments. Botulinum toxin (commonly known by the trade names – Botox™ and Azzalure™) and dermal fillers.  Botox and Azzalure work by temporarily weakening the muscles of the face causing the overlying wrinkles to fade.  Dermal fillers work by replacing the volume under the skin that is lost as a natural result of ageing.

Botulinum toxin products generally last between 3-6 months, but this can vary between clients and some clients notice effects for up to 9 months.  Dermal fillers tend to last longer.  On average filler treatments can last between 6-9 months but again some clients may have longer lasting effects up to 12 months.

At EVOLUTION:MAN we offer FREE no obligation consultations with our experienced doctors, which include a preliminary health questionnaire and an assessment of the wrinkles that need treating.  Once you are happy to proceed we carry out the treatments at the EVOLUTION:MAN studio. The whole process takes around half an hour.

We pride ourselves by offering you comprehensive after treatment advice and a follow up appointment for a review if you need it, at no extra cost.

So now you know the facts all you need to do is book a free consultation at EVOLUTION:MAN and let our experienced surgeons at Defining Aesthetics discuss their range of safe and effective treatments with you.

Get in touch today and find out what we can do to help you.