Be HD Ready for Summer with EVOLUTION:man

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Summer is just around the corner (believe it or not!) and for most of us that means the things we love the most; longer days, beer gardens, holidays and less clothing!
We want you to be HD Ready this summer and are here to help you every step of the way at our brand-new studio on Francis Street in Stoneygate, Leicester!

BODY HAIR: Just because some continental holiday destinations include ladies who look like Chewbacca, doesn’t mean that you should! As a general rule, back/shoulder hair should be gone, including the ‘welcome mat”: that ever increasing band of hair across your lower back which creeps out of your waistband. Chest/abs hair should at least be trimmed if not completely removed (complete removal makes your torso look more defined).
TANNING: Everyone looks healthier with a tan, but not everyone has the time or skin tone to spend long periods outside bronzing. Spray tanning is a safe, quick way to get a tan which will stay with you for around a week and it’s affordable at just £15 per treatment.

TEETH WHITENING: Whiter teeth can transform your appearance and make you look younger and healthier. Laser teeth whitening is a safe and instant way to brighten your smile. In a one hour treatment you can go up to 10 shades whiter with immediate results, making your flirty smile much more appealing!

While you’re here you can also refresh your style with a haircut, de-stress with a facial and loosen up with a massage. For more information on any of our treatments, or to book, visit the “Contact Us” page or call 0116 319 0654/07707 705779